NSSE (Vertical screw fasteners)

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NSSE (Vertical screw fasteners) ST-3310S SD-5320S
  • Temporary fastening mode
  • Catcher screw presence detection attachment mode
  • Height switchover 2stage fastening mode(opution/16stage)
  • torque up 2stage fastening mode(opution/16stage)
  • Out change 2stage mode(opution/16stage)
  • Vacuum cut mode
Screws size
φ2.5-φ5.0 L=5-30
Screw type Small screws, tapping screws
Tightening pipe
Screw head size + 2mm (up to 30 mm from tip)
330cc(e.g.: approx. 1,000pcs at M4x10L)
Air pressure 0.49MPa(5kg/cm²)、1/4"
air pressure
Approx. 25 liters per minute (unlimited air quantity)
Weight Main unit 12 kg Electronic control 3kg
Dimensions (mm)
dimensions Electronic driver control

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NSSE (Vertical screw fasteners) ST-3310A SD-2310SA
  • Screw fastener driver
    AC servo driver
  • Catcher screw detection
  • Screw floating detection
  • Catcher screw detection Screw floating detection(Options)
  • ※Main body dimensions are the same as screw fastener electronic control driver specs
Basic Specifications Controller
Shaft control Screw tightener shaft
Drive method AC servomotor
Screw tightening pattern 32 types
External I/O signals Input 14 points Output 14 points
Primary power supply AC100V(±10%) 50/60Hz
Weight Main body 12kg
Electronic control 4kg

Screw fastener driver AC servo driver

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