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Driver and Feeder Selections

  • Screws are feeded to the driver's tip by using compressed air.
  • You can select the optimum driver from various kinds of air or electrical-driven drivers.
  • Cost-optional Screw-fastening check counter is available for any driver, except for impact type drivers.
  • See page 13-15 feeder and driverunits in detail.
Electronic drivers series

most suitable:steel aluminum and metal

picture:Electronic drivers sries
Air drivers series

most suitable:wood

picture:Air drivers series

※Photos show "Handy"Handheld screw fastener units comprising MK-3020 feeder with different kind of driver models.

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Nipple temporary - tightening fastener

most suitable:bicycle and motercycle nipples

picture:Nipple temporary - tightening fastener

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Brushless driver

maintenance free of brushless driver

picture:Brushless driver

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Example shows feederunit(pickup type MK-3020V)
used in combination with driver(DLV30)

most suitable:ideal models for cramped space

picture:Recipro series Standard

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Recipro series Micro screw

Example shows feeder unit(pickup type MK-3150V)
used in combination with driver(DLV08/15)

picture:Recipro series Micro screw

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